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About Us

Luxm 3d Africa is a construction firm, incorporated under the laws of Ghana to provide construction service. We aim at providing a complete, quality and affordable price to meet the demands of our customers in the industry which we operate. Our service is designed to relief our customers from stress in monitoring their projects and provide solution to help make an informed decision on some project

We offer specialized services in the area in Building, Redesigning of projects, Painting ,3D interior and exterior deco, Flooring- pvc flooring, 3D Epoxy designs, 3D metallic flooring, industrial flooring, tiling, Fixing, Fitting, Compound stumping, Ceilings, Renovations and land scaping. We believe in the beauty of creation and the power of creativity. More importantly, we also believe in the realization of your dreams

We set high standards and pride ourselves in providing effective, efficient and skilled professionals in the execution of projects. Through the use of the newest technology coupled with several years of experience in the construction business, we can assure you of excellent delivery of workmanship through the various phases of a construction project.

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